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"While opening a US sales office for a German manufacturer, I turned to Jill Vales and HR Experts On Demand to assist with finding a key employee.  I was glad I knew Jill already, mostly by reputation, and slightly by business and social contacts.  Jill was able to quickly organize the recruiting process for the new employee and rapidly move through all steps of the recruiting and interviewing process to give me some good “finalist” candidate options in a very short time.  I could not have possibly managed the process in a timely manner without her help.  As our business develops, with our very lean organizational structure,  I will certainly be turning again to Jill and her team to help me develop and manage our HR functions.  For those seeking a high quality, user-friendly, expert HR consultant who works well on a budget and a compressed time schedule, I highly recommend Jill Vales and HR Experts On Demand."

CEO of US Sales Office
German equipment manufacturer
Greenville SC

"As a growing small business, we realized it was time to devote more resources to HR management.  However, we were not really ready for a full-time HR Manager or the overhead cost.  HR Experts On Demand was the perfect compromise.  We were able to bring HR management in house without the expense of actually hiring a full-time employee.  Having a part-time HR Manager on-site through HR Experts On Demand allows us to be much more proactive, rather than just dealing with HR situations as they come up.  I am very pleased with the service we are receiving from the firm and the positive energy Denise Scotti-Smith, our assigned HR Manager, has brought to our management team."

Robert Ried
Senior Vice President

"Working with HR Experts on Demand is a great way for a nonprofit organizations to effiectively and efficiently ensure it is untilizing HR best practices.  Jill has become our "go-to" professional when we need specialized HR consultation and expertise.  Jill is there when you need her...such is the name HR Experterts On Demand!  Her level of expertise is incredible and definitely has pointed us in the right direction!"

Shannon Owen
Chief Operating Officer
United Way of Anderson County

"HR Experts created and delivered a superb course on “Effective Communications Skills” for my group.  Before writing the course, they met with me to gain an understanding of our business, our culture, and our communication activity.  They combined their expertise with my goals and objectives to craft a custom course for my organization.  And they delivered it exceptionally well.  They nailed it!"

Brian C. Norton, V.P. & General Manager
CMC Cary Engineering

“Working with HR Experts On Demand has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been working with Jill Vales and Debbie Spearman from HR Experts On Demand since the end of last year, and what we have accomplished in the last six months is remarkable!  Since I had just recently made the decision to transition careers and take over the HR role at a new start-up company, I knew that I needed some help in getting the HR department set up, as well as, have a senior HR person to mentor me.  My CEO was in full agreement, and we contracted with HR Experts On Demand to assist us.

The first thing HR Experts On Demand did was to conduct an HR Audit and Assessment.  This comprehensive assessment and executive briefing clarified what we needed to do to be compliant with the myriad employment laws and implement HR best practices.  To assist with the on-going implementation process, the firm also provided a comprehensive and customizable took kit of forms that would help me address most of the HR Audit deficiencies to comply with the administration requirements.

Since I was not familiar with all the reporting requirements, I requested a calendar that I could use to ensure that I did not miss important deadlines.  The Compliance Calendar provided was all-inclusive with not only Benefits, Payroll, EEO, Employment and Health and Safety information, but included Employee Relations and HR Administration topics that I could adapt to fit our company.   

We also determined that developing an Employee Handbook would be a priority.  HR Experts On Demand gave us several options for our Handbook ranging from the very basic to the all inclusive.  What I liked about the process of developing the Handbook was that my CEO, COO and I could provide changes to customize the Handbook to fit our culture – it was not just a boilerplate!  We are a start- up company with a very aggressive multi-state growth strategy.  We received our Handbook by the agreed upon date, and Debbie Spearman conducted the first employee communications meeting to guide me through the process of ensuring that our employees were aware of the most pertinent policies.

Of even greater benefit to me personally is the HR Director On Call service that HR Experts On Demand provides.  As stated earlier, although I am a seasoned manager, the HR arena is new to me.  With this service I am able to call Debbie Spearman or Jill Vales at any time to talk through a solution for any employee relations and HR management issues.  Being able to call them at any time during the day or night, seven days a week is an invaluable service.  The opportunity to bounce ideas off more senior HR professionals has been a tremendous help to me as I deal with all the chaos of a start-up and rapid expansion. With this mentoring and assistance I have vastly improved my self confidence in performing the day-to-day role of an HR manager.

Debbie Spearman has been all that was promised and so much more. I am looking forward to working with her on future projects such as developing an HR strategy for Patriots and implementing supervisory and management training. I know that with the help of HR Experts On Demand our human resources department will be able to remain compliant and current with the ever changing laws, demands and best practices.

Thank you Debbie and HR Experts On Demand!"

Leigh Anna Compton, Human Resources Manager
Patriot Solutions, LLC

"Earlier this year, I had the unpleasant task of releasing our Human Resources Manager in our Upstate South Carolina facility and recruiting someone to fill the position.  Since I am located in New York, I felt it was important that I have professional input as to the legal ramifications of releasing a SC employee.  We also needed an interim HR professional to serve our employees during the hiring period.  I found HR Experts On Demand’s website and gave Jill Vales a call.   A week later, I had a legally compliant exit plan for the current manager, an interim HR manager and HR assistant ready to step in, and a recruitment strategy in process. 

Debbie Spearman, Senior Consultant served as our part-time interim HR Manager, and had the plant experience we needed.   Debie Gaudreau, Paraprofessional, served as our part-time HR Assistant, and provided support on administrative and routine matters to keep our costs down.  During the two month interim period, we experienced a virtually seamless transition period.  The routine human resources activities such as worker’s compensation and unemployment hearings and settlements occurred without incidence. Our complex Benefits Open Enrollment was handled skillfully.  At the end of the contract, I received from Debbie and Jill a detailed report regarding recommendations and opportunities for improvements.  This information was very helpful to me; it confirmed situations about which I was already aware but it also exposed new areas for me to explore with the next HR Manager.

The final objective – backfill the HR Manager position - was a first-rate process. Melissa Nipert, HR Consultant responsible for recruiting, did a phenomenal job of sourcing and screening qualified candidates and preparing them for interviews with me. In fact, it was everything I would expect from an executive recruiter for about half the cost!  I have to say that any of the six candidates presented could have performed well here.  Jill had told me that it would take about 8 weeks to fill the position, and that is exactly what happened.  The concluding service that proved extremely beneficial to the new HR Manager was the hands-on transition support provided to him by Debbie Spearman and Debie Gaudreau during his first week of on-boarding. 

I didn’t know at the time that “We can help with that.” is the tagline for HR Experts On Demand, but I can attest to the fact that they do what they say – and more!"

John Ciniglio, President
Meyco Products

"Jill Vales presented a highly experienced, professional manner from the initial contact.  Her response was timely, and has remained so throughout our interactions.  Jill has a considerable edge over other HR reps in that she is a certified public accountant and is therefore capable of evaluating the financial side of a business.  She is current in her field and, as a business owner, can relate to the concerns of clients who also own their own businesses.  Jill is very flexible, presents industry standards with respect to employee guidelines, and is very good at coaching/preparing employers for successful interactions with employees.  Jill also has very good follow up, maintains her own client base, and gives the client a definite sense that she can assist down the road with additional issues without spending inordinate time (reflected in cost to the client) in the "catch up" process.  Her rates are basically a fantastic "deal" for her clients as she understands the total picture and is clearly invested in continued business with established clients."

Dr. Majorie Chorness, MD FACOG
Blossom OBGYN

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"I read an Op-Ed article Jill Vales wrote in the Greenville News and was so impressed I cut it out in case I had a need for her services later.  It wasn’t long until we did.  In early 2011 as our Company continued a multi-year growth spurt we recognized we needed to formalize our compensation plan.   Jill Vales came in to lead this project so our HR Team could continue to focus on hiring and every day issues.  In addition to successfully completing this large project Jill and her team at HR Experts On Demand aided us with a number of smaller projects including salary research and updating a benefit program.   I am most impressed with Jill and her team’s resourcefulness in finding information or connecting us with others in the community that can meet a need.   If she doesn’t have the answer immediately she knows where to find it.  Jill is a great HR partner and resource."

Chery O’Malley
HR Manager

“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for HR Experts On Demand (HREOD). After a thorough bid process, they were selected by the Greenville Arena District (The Bi-Lo Center) to assist with a very complex project. After many years of sub-contracting the majority of facility and client services, the decision was made to in-source these roles with direct staff. A complete personnel structure had to be created to enable the hiring of personnel as direct arena employees. HREOD helped to develop job descriptions, provided critical research and analysis of health and welfare plans, conducted industry and regional compensation surveys and developed position levels and pay range recommendations, aided in the establishment of a retirement plan, developed policies and procedures including the creation of an employee handbook.

The HREOD team, led by Jill Vales, provided excellent HR and business advise both on a tactical and strategic level. She often participated with and advised senior leadership and staff members. Jill's extensive private and public work experience in the fields of human resources and finance was of incredible value to the arena's board of directors, with whom she often engaged in executive session discussions.

As the "go-live" date of employment neared, HREOD kept pace as the final milestones were achieved. On September 1, 2010, the first Greenville Arena District employees were hired, enrolled in benefits and paid successfully. The ease of transition was directly related to the amount of preparation and hard work performed by arena leadership and HREOD. Since our successful launch, we have continued to utilize their services with the creation of a custom performance incentive plan for senior management.

It has been my pleasure to work with Jill and her team of professionals from HR Experts On Demand and I would overwhelmingly recommend them to anyone.”

Steve Shafer
Board of Directors, Greenville Arena District
Director of Human Resources, Fluor Corporation

“I was recently searching for an outside HR resource to help my small business revamp our employee handbook.  I located Jill Vales through the Greer Chamber of Commerce. Not only was she able to help us revamp our lengthy employee handbook, she also helped us with job descriptions and staff recruitment. With the assistance of Carol Edwards, she has completely met our needs.  When I make an urgent call to her, she is always very prompt in getting back with me. Just the quick tips she gave me on a brief telephone call, advising me on how to word our help wanted ad, made a tremendous difference. When I took her advice, the quality and volume of applicants that responded to the ad was unbelievable! Having HR Experts on Demand gives me more confidence as a small business owner. If I need a question answered or a second opinion, I know I have someone I trust to call.”

Carmen Davis, President
Assisting Angels Homecare

“HR Experts on Demand facilitated a very successful search to replace a long-time key employee for our organization.  The planning, approach, and execution of the process was flawless and resulted in securing a highly qualified staff leader for our organization.  Their high level of professionalism coupled with a high level of attention to detail makes HR Experts on Demand highly qualified to assist any organization in searching for a key employee.”

Ted Hendry
United Way of Greenville County

“For small businesses, keeping up with changes in HR regulations today can be a challenge. Jill Vales and HR Experts On Demand provided our company with professional guidance to streamline and improve our employee handbook and bring the information we present to our employees current. We appreciated their efficiency and responsiveness and look forward to assistance with future projects through their HR Director On Call service.”

Jill B. Rose
Vice President, Administration
JC Rose & Associates, Inc.

"Our HR policies and procedures were in desperate need of updating.  We hired HR Experts On Demand because of their work in the nonprofit arena.  Jill and Donna provided great advice especially regarding several areas of concern and change for our organization and they were extremely patient as we worked through numerous revisions to produce our final handbook.  Donna also did a great job training our staff on the new guidebook.  We recommend HR Experts On Demand to nonprofit organizations (or anyone else) looking for HR help!"

Liz Seman
Executive Director
Meals on Wheels

"I have nothing but positive things to say about Jill and her team.  We were shopping around for a company to outsource our HR dept.  HR Experts On DemandSM came highly recommended by one of our board members.  From the start, they were easy to work with and came up with a plan that was a win-win for all of us.  And it has worked out as promised.  Karen is excellent and fits right into our organization.  HR moved forward with hardly a blip.  They are professional, knowledgeable, and perform on time and on budget.  We are very pleased."

Best regards,
President & CEO

"We hired HR Experts On DemandSM to bring our HR forms and processes up to date and to develop an employee handbook.  We were very pleased with the services provided.  Karen Gordon did a great job in training the staff on the new handbook – our first ever.  She handled it just right, given our culture here.  It was nice to have someone else besides me be the “bad guy”, if you will, to introduce something new and enforce various existing rules and regulations.  We recommend HR Experts On DemandSM to small businesses who do not have HR professionals on staff."

Norma Rider
NorCon Property Management

"Deal Depot, Inc. and Empire Lending, Inc. (our sister company) have been using HR Experts On Demand and CFO Services On Demand since December 2008.  With Jill Vales’ help, we have been able to reach a higher level of professionalism.  Our human resources and accounting departments have been able to streamline certain processes in order to cut cost.  Through these difficult economic times, the firms have been a wonderful resource to help steer our companies in an upward direction.  We look forward to working with HR Experts On Demand and CFO Services On Demand as we take our companies to the next level."

Darla Booher
Deal Depot

“Our organization is not quite large enough to have in-house HR professionals, so when we decided to revise our performance management system, we went looking for professionals to assist us.  I am very happy to say that we found HR Experts On Demand.

First, Jill Vales and Karen Gordon were able to help us understand the real scope of the project at hand and what was possible to achieve.  We wanted to have a performance management system that would assist us to manage employees and work to successful achievement; and, we wanted it all to support the goals of our strategic plan.

Secondly, they guided us through the steps necessary to achieve our objectives.  They were a ready resource for our managers to call upon as we re-wrote job descriptions and as we have set individuals goals tied to the strategic plan.

We plan to continue to use HR Experts On Demand’s HR Director On Call service for manager training, for our Employee Guidebook revision, for salary market research, and for many other HR projects in the future.”

Jo Nelson
Vice President for Finance and Operations
United Way of Greenville County, Inc

“It is my pleasure to recommend the team at HR Experts On Demand to businesses searching for professional advice related to their human resources needs.  As a small business owner I am used to wearing many hats, but there is a point in any field outside of my own where I am certainly not the expert.

In looking to update our Employee Manual, I was fortunate to find Jill Vales, President of Experts On Demand.  From our first meeting, I felt she understood our needs and could provide the guidance necessary to clearly organize and revise our existing policies and procedures while adding those necessary to ensure our manual would be up to date. 

Working with Jill and HR Consultant Karen Gordon was a smooth experience that resulted in a cohesive and comprehensive manual, completed ahead of schedule and within budget.  Their attention assured my company received a manual tailored for our needs. The level of service provided by HR Experts on Demand was top notch, and I look forward to working with the team again whenever a future need arises.”

Roxane Schauder
Professional Abatement Services, Inc

"Deltex Medical, a UK-based medical technology company recently established its US headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina following an investment into the company by Nexus Medical Partners. At the time of the move to Greenville we took the decision to outsource the company's US human resources function in light of an increasingly complex and demanding legislative environment for employment in the USA. Our objective was to find a service provider who could deal with the State to State variation in employment law as we sought to establish a geographically dispersed field sales and clinical education team and ensure that we remained compliant with the regulatory requirements of each State"

"After discussions with a number of potential service providers, Deltex Medical appointed HR Experts on Demand to undertake a wide (and growing!) range of HR-related functions. Without reservation we have been delighted with the level of expertise, advice and support we have received from Jill Vales and Donna Connolly at HR Experts on Demand and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone seeking a flexible and responsive outsourced HR team in the Greenville area."

Andy Hill
Deltex Medical Group plc

“It is my pleasure to write about our experience of working with Jill Vales and Karen Gordon.  The first words that come to my mind are professional, knowledgeable and efficient.  Work promised has always been on time or ahead of schedule.  Having as many employees as we do, and no HR professional, we have had much to accomplish in a short period of time.  HR Experts On Demand has exceeded my expectations.  The workshop provided for our department heads at the retirement communities was well-received and extremely informational.”
“HR Experts On Demand has provided excellent service and we believe the tools you have provided will take PCSC to a higher level of evaluating, compensating and training our employees.  Your HR Director On Call services have been a real help as well.  All of us have and will continue to benefit from your expertise.”

Kathy Ligon
Chief Executive Officer
Presbyterian Communities of SC

“HR Experts On DemandSM has been very helpful to us in improving the way we interview and hire employees. Their involvement with this process has helped us to make better informed decisions. I would recommend them to any business owner who is interested in improving their comfort level with hiring decisions.”

Cary Galloway,
Vice President
Advantage Mechanical Solutions, Inc

“CMT, Inc., a metal working tools and abrasives distributor, contracted with HR Experts On DemandSM  to review personnel policies and practices.  CMT was founded in 1983 and has grown to almost 50 employees.  We realized that we were not familiar with all current personnel practices and legal requirements; therefore, it was in our best interest to consult a professional.  Jill and her staff did a review of our policies and practices and recommended "best practices" for a company our size and presented a plan for the future.  In addition, an employee handbook was developed specifically addressing our needs and meeting all current legal requirements.  We were impressed with the professionalism and completeness of the project and the materials presented.  We will most definitely keep HR Experts On DemandSM as a "consulting partner" for our business as we move forward.  We can recommend them without any reservation.”

John Bearden
CMT, Inc.

“We hired HR Experts On DemandSM to assist us with several HR projects.  They first provided us with research and advice in the area of compensation management.  Next they developed customized "Total Rewards" statements and an hour-long presentation on our employee benefit programs, both of which were well received by our employees.  HR Experts On DemandSM also assisted us to recruit a Project Manager responsible for managing our multi-million leasehold improvement project.  We found Jill Vales and Karen Gordon to be intuitive, proactive, professional and timely.  We plan to continue to use HR Experts On DemandSM to assist us with our HR management needs."

Jody Bryson
Executive Director
Donaldson Center Development Commission

“HR Experts On DemandSM assisted us by conducting HR audits and developing Employee Handbooks for our three operating locations.  One of the audit recommendations was that we hire an HR Director; they managed the entire recruiting and selection process for us as well.  I found Jill M. Vales and Karen Gordon to be professional and knowledgeable.  Their services were comprehensive and were delivered on a timely basis.  Jill and Karen provide excellent client service.  Overall, it was money well spent.”

Richard Shymanski, President
Fendrich Industries, Inc.

“HR Experts On DemandSM was truly a strategic partner to my management team and me as we planned and executed a comprehensive restructuring of our organization.  They put their years of experience to work to ensure that we thoroughly planned and coordinated each aspect of the restructuring, from employee relations and recruiting, to communications (internal and external) and legal compliance.  They developed and managed a detailed project plan which kept us all on track.  HR Experts On Demand's deep knowledge of the many diverse aspects of HR was apparent throughout the process.  Jill and Karen were enjoyable to work with, responsive to questions and concerns, and easily available throughout.  I look forward to working with them again."

Andrea Smith, Executive Director/CEO
Senior Action, Inc

"We are a small-but-growing-fast non-profit organization.  HR Experts On DemandSM made sure resources were applied in the most cost-effective way and made recommendations to streamline our processes.  Having assistance preparing budgets and financials for Board Meetings has been invaluable.  They helped us develop our employee performance and compensation management processes and continue to provide HR on Demand consultation.   HR Experts On DemandSM helped me develop confidence that I was moving ahead with the right tools at my side and the right processes in place.” 

Melissa Blevins, Executive Director
Donate Life -  South Carolina

“We have a small HR department with two professionals.  Due to excess project demands we decided to search for temporary assistance from an outsider provider of HR services.  Fortunately, we located HR Experts On DemandSM.  They were contracted to assist our team with recruitment of several engineer and technical support positions.  From out first meeting forward the HR Experts team has been responsive and in control of the project.  I found Karen and Jill to be professional, proactive and knowledgeable.  I consider them valuable business partners and I am pleased to recommend HR Experts On DemandSM to others.”

Kenneth R. Moss, Executive Vice President
Creform Corporation

“As a result of the departure of our full-time HR Manager and consolidation of the HR function into Finance and Operations, we believed it would be prudent for Pavillon to have its HR activities reviewed and analyzed by a competent third party.  We found that HR Experts On DemandSM was an excellent choice to perform an HR audit.  They conducted an in-depth review of our policies and activities and provided a comprehensive report containing many appropriate recommendations on compliance as well as best practices. They also assisted Pavillon to move in the right direction by providing supervisory training in the areas of HR legal compliance and performance management.”

David Truscott
Director of Finance and Operations
Pavillon International

“I have worked with Jill Vales for six months on a variety of projects for my three operating companies.  HR Experts On DemandSM provided recruiting and selection services for three key positions and provides other human resources management advice as needed.  Jill has many business contacts and has made several beneficial introductions.  I have found Jill to be trustworthy, pro-active, dependable and flexible.  I highly recommend Jill and HR Experts On DemandSMto other small business owners.”

Chris Brock
President and Owner
Advance Nursing

“We are a small organization with minimal support staff, so we engaged HR Experts On DemandSM to help us recruit an Accountant.  They helped define the position and requirements, drafted and placed newspaper and online advertisements, screened applicants, conducted phone and in-person interviews, checked references, conducted background checks, provided advice during the final selection process and  prepared the offer letter.    Jill Vales kept me totally up-to-date throughout the whole process.

Jill presented me with three very qualified finalists to interview, frankly making my final hiring decision somewhat difficult!    Our new Accountant has started work and is doing a fine job.   I am pleased to recommend HR Experts On DemandSM for your recruiting and other HR needs.”

Vardry Ramseur (deceased)
Executive Director
Donaldson Center Development Commission

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"Having completed our first year in business as The Puckett Group, it became quite evident to us that we needed more sophisticated assistance in the area of human resources management.  I have known Jill Vales for 20 years and was confident that leveraging her diverse experience and excellent analytical skills and business judgment would prove beneficial.  We retained HR Experts On DemandSM to provide part-time  Director of HR services and immediately several improvements were made in our HR processes.  She has turned out to be the perfect fit for our organization."

Linton “Buddy” Puckett
Chairman, The Puckett Group, Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my business relationship with Jill Vales when she was Vice President of Human Resources at ScanSource, Inc., a leading upstate South Carolina technology distribution company. Together we were able to implement a strategic employee assessment system for both hourly and salaried employees that was used for recruiting, employee development and succession planning. In addition, Jill implemented a 360 feedback process for many key departments and executives. I found in working with Jill that she processes information very quickly and makes timely business decisions based upon her strong analytical skills and business acumen. She was a pleasure to work with."

Mark Lee
Management Solutions, LLC

“Jill Vales is a consummate professional who has mastered unique skills in both the finance and human resources areas.  I have known Jill for 25 years and watched those skills develop and mature consistently throughout that period.  She has worked with me in a number of varied business environments over that time period, and the outcomes of our endeavors have always been positive.  She's smart, knowledgeable, current, energetic and extremely efficient.  And she's always learning.  Moreover, she is both goal and task oriented and is tenacious in driving a project to a successful conclusion - on time and on budget.  She's one of the very best project managers I've ever worked with. In fact, I've learned a lot from her whenever she was working for me!  Therefore, I wouldn't even blink if asked to recommend her for a financial or human resources assignment.”

D. Keith Cobb, Strategy and Financial Consultant                                                 
(Former CEO of Alamo Rent-A-Car, Inc. and National Senior Partner with KPMG)

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