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When organizations utilize their talent effectively, they flourish and profit at the highest levels.  Helping our clients meet their business goals through effectively leading their talent is our passion!  Let us help your team excel through innovative talent strategies and focused people solutions.

In Their Own Words.

“HR situations can be daunting…one wrong move can be disastrous for your business or organization.  Trust in an HR professional willing to guide you through these difficult situations is exactly what Jennifer Floyd with HR Experts can provide for you.  She listens, makes an assessment of the situation, provides written direction and holds your hand as you work through the process needed to solve the problem.”

Carol Burdette

United Way of Anderson

“As a growing small business, we realized it was time to devote more resources to HR management.  However, we were not really ready for a full-time HR Manager or the overhead cost.  HR Experts On Demand was the perfect compromise.  We were able to bring HR management in house without the expense of actually hiring a full-time employee.  Having a part-time HR Manager on-site through HR Experts On Demand allows us to be much more proactive, rather than just dealing with HR situations as they come up.  I am very pleased with the service we are receiving from the firm and the positive energy Denise Scotti-Smith, our assigned HR Manager, has brought to our management team.” Robert Ried

Senior Vice President, US&S

“HR Experts on Demand facilitated a very successful search to replace a long-time key employee for our organization.  The planning, approach, and execution of the process was flawless and resulted in securing a highly qualified staff leader for our organization.  Their high level of professionalism coupled with a high level of attention to detail makes HR Experts on Demand highly qualified to assist any organization in searching for a key employee.” Ted Hendry

President, United Way of Greenville County

“We hired HR Experts On DemandSM to bring our HR forms and processes up to date and to develop an employee handbook.  We were very pleased with the services provided.  Karen Gordon did a great job in training the staff on the new handbook – our first ever.  She handled it just right, given our culture here.  It was nice to have someone else besides me be the “bad guy”, if you will, to introduce something new and enforce various existing rules and regulations.  We recommend HR Experts On DemandSM to small businesses who do not have HR professionals on staff.” Norma Rider

President, NorCon Property Management

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