Corporate Coaching

Leadership Development that Actually Develops Leaders.

Coaching is the most successful method for an individual to gain self-awareness and realize their potential. Coaching teaches participants to enhance their own unique work habits for higher achievement at work and in life.

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A Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) will work with participants during a six month engagement to understand their personal work style, drivers of achievement and barriers to success, as well as how to best achieve excellence through learning and applying leadership lessons.

Customized plans are created for each participant which focus specifically on the individual’s goals.

Assignments during the engagement include various assessments, book readings specific to the participant’s needs/preferences, proven exercises to increase personal performance and creating a personal accountability system for achieving sustained excellence.

The Result

Improvements that equal productivity & personal growth

  • Improved working relationships with direct reports
  • Improved working relationships with manager
  • Increased team-building
  • Greater reduction in conflict
  • Improved business relationships with clients
  • Improved personal habits such as time management and communication


No one can guarantee that another human will change habits or increase their effectiveness. Coaching offers a variety of tools and learnings that may be applied to any person, but it is inevitably up to the individual to reach their own full potential.

The best participants are those who seek development for themselves and want to grow in their careers. In addition, notable success has been seen with clients who may have been encouraged to participate for improving personal performance.

Coaching Engagement

  • Includes: Welcome package & kickoff materials
  • DISC assessment & analysis
  • All 1:1 coaching meetings
  • Accountability plan

Time Investment

6 month Timeline

Months 1-3

  • Weekly 1:1 (one hour each)
  • In-person or Zoom
  • First (kickoff) session is required to be in-person (1.5 hours)

Months 4-5

  • Sessions change
    to bi-weekly
  • One hour each

Month 6

  • In-person sessions
  • Comprehensive review to ensure continued learning
  • Establish accountability system for ongoing growth

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