Frequently Asked Questions

What types of industries does HR Experts On Demand serve?

HR Experts On Demand provides human resources management support and consulting services to organizations in virtually all industries. All companies employ people and we support people operations.

How does HR Experts On Demand provide legal advice?

HR Experts On Demand is not a law firm and cannot and does not provide legal advice. Information, recommendations, advice and opinions we provide are based on general human resource management fundamentals, practices and principles, and are not legal opinions or guaranteed outcomes. We recommend, as part of a team approach to management, that clients consult with their legal counsel to address any legal concerns related to certain human resources issues and binding contracts.

How does HR Experts On Demand maintain the confidentiality of its clients’ information?

HR Experts On Demand only hires associates with high integrity.  We conduct background and reference checks.  All associates are trained in the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of client information and documents.  The HR Experts on Demand Client Services Agreement contains a confidentiality provision.  We are also glad to execute a client’s own confidentiality agreement upon request.

HR Experts On Demand clients expect and receive:

Senior-level leadership experience.

Practical and customized services and solutions that are business focused.

Flexibility, control and value.

Exceptional responsiveness and quality results and An ongoing strategic business partnership.